Recorded vote for LB364 - Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits

Stage: General File Date of Vote: January 12, 2022
Motion/Amendment: AM 762 Revenue - AM 1145 Morfeld - MO 123 Hunt (Recommit) - MO 125 Linehan - CLOTURE
Totals: Yes: 28 No: 14 Present Not Voting: 7 Absent Not Voting: 0 Excused Not Voting: 0
Yes : 28
Aguilar Dorn Hansen, B. McDonnell
Albrecht Erdman Hilgers McKinney
Arch Flood Hughes Moser
Bostelman Geist Kolterman Murman
Brewer Gragert Lindstrom Sanders
Briese Groene Linehan Slama
Clements Halloran Lowe Wayne
No : 14
Blood Day Hunt Williams
Bostar DeBoer Lathrop Wishart
Cavanaugh, J. Hansen, M. McCollister
Cavanaugh, M. Hilkemann Morfeld
Present Not Voting : 7
Brandt Pahls Stinner Walz
Friesen Pansing Brooks Vargas
Absent Not Voting : 0
Excused Not Voting : 0