Recorded vote for LB1335 - Change provisions of and provide duties and exemptions under the Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act regarding designation of endangered species, critical habitat, and transportation infrastructure

Stage: Select File Date of Vote: April 04, 2024
Motion/Amendment: AM 3167 Blood
Totals: Yes: 10 No: 24 Present Not Voting: 10 Absent Not Voting: 0 Excused Not Voting: 5
Yes : 10
Blood Conrad Raybould Walz
Cavanaugh, J. DeBoer Sanders
Cavanaugh, M. McKinney Vargas
No : 24
Aguilar Clements Hansen Kauth
Albrecht DeKay Hardin Lippincott
Arch Dorn Holdcroft Lowe
Armendariz Dover Hughes Moser
Bosn Erdman Ibach Murman
Bostelman Halloran Jacobson Slama
Present Not Voting : 10
Ballard Brewer Hunt Riepe
Bostar Dungan McDonnell
Brandt Fredrickson Meyer
Absent Not Voting : 0
Excused Not Voting : 5
Day von Gillern Wishart
Linehan Wayne