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Considered Amendment Details - LB276
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
FA151 Cavanaugh, M. Final Reading not considered 1632
MO1119 Wishart Cloture prevailed 1633 Vote
MO437 Hunt Final Reading Recommit failed 943 Vote
MO434 Hunt Select File Indefinitely postpone withdrawn 943
MO435 Hunt Select File Recommit withdrawn 943
MO911 Cavanaugh, M. Reconsider failed 1027 Vote
MO436 Hunt Select File Bracket failed 943 Vote
ER17 Enrollment and Review ER Amendments adopted 937
MO110 Hunt Indefinitely Postpone withdrawn 878
AM961 Cavanaugh, M. withdrawn 846
AM963 Cavanaugh, M. withdrawn 846
AM964 Cavanaugh, M. withdrawn 846
MO111 Hunt Recommit withdrawn 877
MO112 Hunt Bracket withdrawn 877
MO104 Cavanaugh, M. Reconsider withdrawn 853
AM674 Health and Human Services Committee Amendments adopted 697 Vote