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Considered Amendment Details - LB1008
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
AM3196 Morfeld Amendments to AM3008 withdrawn 1194
AM2951 Linehan Amendments to Committee amendments withdrawn 967
MO205 Wayne Bracket failed 1265
MO202 Briese Withdraw withdrawn 1240
AM2884 Slama Withdraw withdrawn 918
AM2905 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2904 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2903 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2902 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2901 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2900 Wayne Withdraw withdrawn 943
AM2929 La Grone Select File amendment withdrawn 939
ST65 Slama, 1, Chairman Enrollment and Review adopted 0
AM3212 Friesen Amendments to AM3008 withdrawn 1206
MO193 Scheer Cloture prevailed 1207 Vote
AM3185 Friesen Withdraw and substitute AM3212 withdrawn 1193
MO192 Friesen Withdraw and substitute withdrawn 1207
AM3205 Cavanaugh Amendments to AM3008 lost 1189 Vote
AM3008 Stinner Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1169 Vote
AM2936 Stinner Withdraw withdrawn 948
ER210 Enrollment and Review adopted 952
MO171 Chambers Bracket failed 933 Vote
MO172 Chambers Reconsider failed 939 Vote
AM2737 Appropriations adopted 887 Vote
FA110 Scheer Amendments to the Committee amendments lost 933 Vote
MO173 Chambers Recommit failed 939 Vote
MO174 Scheer Cloture prevailed 939 Vote
MO170 Wayne Recommit withdrawn 933
AM2916 Linehan Amendments to committee amendments withdrawn 933
MO169 Chambers Recommit withdrawn 933
AM2911 Stinner Amendments to committee amendments adopted 922 Vote