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Considered Amendment Details - LB758
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
FA107 Chambers withdrawn 740
MO210 Hughes Cloture prevailed 605 Vote
MO211 Chambers Reconsider failed 604 Vote
MO184 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 424 Vote
MO209 Chambers Reconsider failed 602 Vote
AM1866 Chambers lost 599 Vote
ER103 Enrollment and Review adopted 486
AM1573 Natural Resources adopted 382 Vote
MO193 Chambers Reconsider failed 470 Vote
MO194 Hughes Cloture prevailed 470 Vote
FA92 Chambers Amendments to Committee amendments lost 421 Vote
MO192 Chambers Reconsider failed 464 Vote
MO186 Chambers Bracket failed 438 Vote