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Considered Amendment Details - LB791
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
FA147 Quick Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2744 Hansen Withdraw withdrawn 1345
AM2809 Blood Withdraw withdrawn 1390
FA146 McDonnell Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2838 Hansen Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2840 Hansen Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2848 Hansen Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2837 Quick Withdraw withdrawn 1438
AM2901 Hansen Withdraw withdrawn 1502
AM2903 Hansen Select File amendments lost 1503 Vote
MO349 Ebke Cloture prevailed 1535 Vote
AM2909 Hansen Amendments to E & R amendments lost 1531 Vote
AM2847 Hansen Select File amendments withdrawn 1438
ER183 Enrollment and Review adopted 1515
AM2708 Business and Labor adopted 1301 Vote
AM2880 Ebke Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 1474 Vote
MO342 Ebke Cloture prevailed 1499 Vote
AM2729 Albrecht Withdraw and substitute AM2880 withdrawn 1306