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Considered Amendment Details - LB22
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
MO34 Chambers Bracket failed 466 Vote
MO35 Stinner Cloture prevailed 0 Vote
AM235 Krist Amendments to Final Reading copy withdrawn 455
MO33 Chambers Reconsider failed 465 Vote
AM151 Krist Withdraw withdrawn 399
AM104 Krist Withdraw withdrawn 385
MO32 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 444 Vote
ER4 Enrollment and Review adopted 415
AM13 Appropriations adopted 365 Vote
AM135 Krist Amendments to Committee amendments withdrawn 393
MO27 Krist Recommit to Committee withdrawn 390
MO30 Chambers Bracket failed 403 Vote
MO29 Chambers Reconsider withdrawn 394
MO28 Chambers Bracket failed 390 Vote