Considered Amendment Details - LB10

Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal
MO288 McCoy Cloture failed 1591
ST84 adopted 0
MO261 Chambers Reconsider failed 1455
MO262 Chambers Bracket failed 1456
MO258 McCoy Cloture prevailed 1456
AM528 Chambers lost 639
MO260 McCoy Bracket withdrawn 1454
MO259 McCoy Bracket not approved 1454
MO51 McCoy Cloture failed 0
MO52 Chambers Reconsider failed 885
FA31 Chambers Amendments to AM528 lost 865
FA30 Chambers Amendments to AM528 lost 864
ER44 Enrollment and Review adopted 720
AM366 Chambers lost 514
MO38 McCoy Cloture prevailed 685
MO37 Chambers Recommit to Committee withdrawn 634
AM344 Cook adopted 478
MO36 Chambers Reconsider failed 621
MO35 Chambers Bracket failed 601