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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB15 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Adopt the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act
LB58 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to participation in extracurricular activities
LB114 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to motor vehicle lighting requirements
LB196 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Revise powers of state-chartered banks, building and loan associations, and credit unions
LB286 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Flexible Loan Act and change provisions of the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act
LB322 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Change the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB437 Craighead Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for independent instrumentalities under the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB16 Craighead Passed Change provisions relating to licensing, trust accounts, and unfair trade practices under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB152 Craighead Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to the fees for recording and filing certain documents
LB195 Craighead Passed Require notification following mammography as prescribed
LB241 Craighead Passed Provide an exception to the annual privacy notice requirement under the Privacy of Insurance Consumer Information Act
LB257 Craighead Passed Provide for a statute of limitations for claims relating to real estate brokerage services
LR95 Craighead Referral Provide the Honor and Remember Flag is adopted as an official symbol of the State of Nebraska
LR22 Craighead Congratulate Elizabeth "Kaitlyn" Fitzgerald on being named the 120th Queen of Aksarben
LR23 Craighead Celebrate the extraordinary life of Dr. Jack K. Lewis
LR24 Craighead Congratulate Dr. Ken Bird on being named the 120th King of Aksarben
LR94 Craighead Recognize Officer Kevin Andahl for his years of service and congratulate him on his retirement