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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LR87 Crawford Interim study to continue the work of the select interim committee created in LR437, to examine possible improvements to the standing committee system
LR73 Crawford Congratulate Brent Apo-Hruska and Johnny Moen on winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi
LR23 Crawford Recognize Paul Hartnett for his years of service to the state and to the Bellevue community
LB714 Crawford Referral Adopt the Nebraska Industrial New Job-training Act and authorize the transfer of certain withholding taxes
LB614 Crawford Referral Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB613 Crawford Referral Change application deadlines under certain tax incentive programs
LB566 Crawford General File Provide for notice to the Legislature if the Department of Insurance applies for a 1332 waiver from requirements of federal law as prescribed
LB439 Crawford Referral Require coverage for chiropractic services under the Medical Assistance Act
LB365 Crawford Referral Adopt the Health Care Directives Registry Act
LB323A Crawford E and R Initial Appropriation Bill
LB323 Crawford Select File Change eligibility provisions under the Medical Assistance Act for certain disabled persons
LB322 Crawford General File Change provisions relating to enforcement of certain tobacco restriction provisions
LB311A Crawford General File Appropriation Bill
LB311 Crawford General File Adopt the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act
LB306 Crawford Failed on Final Reading Change provisions relating to good cause for voluntarily leaving employment under the Employment Security Law
LB305 Crawford General File Adopt the Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act
LB304 Crawford Passed Exempt certain operations from the definition of a food establishment under the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB237A Crawford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB237 Crawford Passed Change provisions relating to sales and use tax collection fees and authorize use of certain fees for revenue enforcement
LB236 Crawford General File Change access to sales and use tax information with respect to the Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act
LB235 Crawford Passed Change provisions relating to making and serving alcoholic liquor by nonlicensed persons as prescribed
LB211 Crawford Referral Provide for nonpartisan nomination and election of county officers
LB210 Crawford Referral Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting
LB124 Crawford Passed Change provisions relating to jointly created clean energy assessment districts under the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
LB123 Crawford E and R Engrossing Add an exemption from the Taxpayer Transparency Act for certain contracts
LB122 Crawford Passed Change postsecondary residency requirements for veterans, family members, and other qualified persons
LB121 Crawford Passed Change provisions on limits on indebtedness from direct borrowing by cities and villages
LB120 Crawford Referral Require teacher and school staff to receive training on behavioral and mental health