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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB72 Sen Aguilar Referral Redefine the term gross proceeds for purposes of the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act
LB73 Sen Aguilar Referral Change provisions relating to authorized uses for a County Visitors Improvement Fund
LB80 Sen Aguilar Referral State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Veterans' Affairs
LB81 Sen Aguilar Indefinitely postponed Change number of county judges in Buffalo and Hall counties
LB503 Sen Aguilar Referral Adopt the Rural Nebraska Nursing Workforce Act
LB504 Sen Aguilar Referral State intent to transfer and appropriate funds for housing
LB668 Sen Aguilar Referral Authorize mental health professionals and practitioners to take persons into emergency protective custody and provide for a training and certification process
LR226 Sen Aguilar Referral Interim study regarding dental offices sharing information with patients on the chance of patients getting infections in artificial body parts due to dental cleanings
LR227 Sen Aguilar Referral Interim study to examine issues related to public rest areas along highways in Nebraska and the lack of updates, maintenance, and cleanliness of facilities