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LR325 Harms Resolution Congratulate Coach Maria Winn-Ratliff on being selected as Region IX Coach of the Year and for her team's continued success
LR326 Harms Resolution Congratulate the Western Nebraska Community College softball team for winning its second straight Region IX championship
LR327 Harms Resolution Congratulate Ben Castinado, Jr., on being named Grand Marshal and for receiving the Key to the City of Scottsbluff
LR328 Mello Resolution Congratulate the Omaha South High Alumni Association on receiving the SONA 2011 Project of Merit Award and Gary Kastrick on receiving the SONA 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award
LR329 Schumacher Resolution Recognize Clarkson's community spirit and congratulate the community on its 125th anniversary
LR330 Hadley Resolution Congratulate Natalie Wozniak on earning a perfect score of 36 on her ACT
LR331 Campbell Resolution Congratulate Jerry Baugh on his forty years of service with the United States Dept. of Veterans Affairs