Hearings for February 9th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 26

The order of the bills listed may not be the order in which they are heard that day in committee.

Government, Military and Veterans Affairs
Location: Room 1507
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB280 Crawford Change provisions relating to the Address Confidentiality Act
LB661 Kuehn Provide for confidentiality of information relating to performing a lethal injection

Health and Human Services
Location: Room 1510
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB495 Riepe Change provisions relating to developmental disabilities
LB534 Vargas Provide for a housing coordinator within the Department of Health and Human Services

Location: Room 1113
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB60 Lindstrom Change Parenting Act provisions relating to limitation or denial of custody or access to a child
LB104 Bolz Provide for a surrogate to make health care decisions
LB122 Pansing Brooks Provide for family member visitation petitions
LB198 McCollister Terminate the Crimes Against Children Fund
LB307 Brasch Provide for mediation, child abuse prevention, and civil legal services fees in certain proceedings

Natural Resources
Location: Room 1525
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB626 Larson Adopt the Shared Community Solar Act
LB392 Larson Adopt the Wind Friendly Counties Act

Location: Room 1524
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB546 Watermeier Change the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB387 Lindstrom Change and eliminate provisions relating to various tax credit programs and economic development activities
LB126 Groene Change sunset dates under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act and the Nebraska Advantage Act