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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB60 Kintner Referral Authorize possession of firearms as prescribed
LB103 Kintner Referral Change provisions relating to participation in extracurricular activities as prescribed
LB187 Kintner Referral Require the Department of Health and Human Services and health care facilities to provide information regarding abortion
LB316 Kintner Referral Prohibit joining certain interstate compacts and the sharing of red light camera and speed camera information with other compact members as prescribed
LB317 Kintner Passed Repeal the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact
LB421 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Eliminate a learning community and provide for distribution of assets as prescribed
LB481 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Permit school districts to opt out of a learning community as prescribed
LB611 Kintner Referral Require private employers to use the E-Verify Program
LB612 Kintner Referral Change provisions relating to force in self-protection
LB613 Kintner Referral Provide duties for the Department of Revenue and change income tax rates and the distribution of sales and use tax revenue
LB614 Kintner Referral Change provisions relating to the taxation of military retirement benefits
LB615 Kintner Referral Provide a property tax exemption for homesteads of certain persons
LB646 Kintner Referral Eliminate provisions for secret ballots for leadership under the Open Meetings Act
LB649 Kintner General File Require all votes taken by public officials to be a public record as prescribed
LB762 Kintner Referral Change the tax on cigars, cheroots, and stogies
LB892 Kintner Referral Change provisions relating to intimidation by telephone call
LB966 Kintner Referral Adopt the Refugee Resettlement Agency Indemnification Act
LB967 Kintner Referral Change learning community provisions relating to enrollment and levies
LB1095 Kintner Referral Require employer identification numbers and the use of the federal immigration verification system
LR48 Kintner Congratulate the Nebraska Masonic Home on receiving a deficiency-free survey from the Department of Health and Human Services
LR61 Kintner Congratulate Kathleen Gottsch for being named the city administrator for Springfield
LR204 Kintner Commend Cass County for implementing a new countywide emergency medical service
LR271 Kintner Referral Interim study to examine the positive and negative effects of education funding if Nebraska chooses not to accept federal funds that are tied to federal mandates
LR369 Kintner Congratulate Greg Olsen on his retirement from Nebraska City High School
LR404 Kintner Congratulate Todd Nott on winning the Hitchcock Hundred ultramarathon